GetMyAds Advertiser Solutions

We offer Advertisers a big varietiy of Advertising solutions with the highest standards in the Industry.
Your Ads will appear in more than 20 Categories in over 75 Traffic Networks with over 24.000 websites in up to 12 different languages with realtime Tracking.
With over 1,000 branded sites, reaching over 300 Million monthly users, we can get your message in front of all your best prospects.

GetMyAds was founded by professionals, for professinals with high end solutions that every beginner can use and understand right away.
Check out our Products and sign up for free. Find out more about our seasonal and temporary services to advertise your product, your social website, your channel or your company.

GetMyAds Products are paid with our Tokens that have a value of 50,- USD per Token.
You can purchase up to 1000 Tokens right after the free signup to utilize the Products and services of GetMyAds.

200 targeted Clicks to your Website from our Content Marketing Websites

With access to more than 24.000 websites in up to 12 languages in more than 20 Categories, we find the perfect visitor for your website. We attract the readers with catchy, exciting and informative content and put your link into the text. We can also put your link as a Newsbullet on some of the 24,000 websites that we have access to. These are just 2 of many ways that we bring targeted visitors to your website.

Price: 1 Token for 200 targeted Visitors to your Website

Banner Advertising – Place your Banner into our Networks

Banneradvertising is probably the oldest version of online advertising and still one of the most effective ones. Bannerviews and Bannerclicks are available in different formats, sizes and design options. We place your Banners in our network’s targeted websites with high interested vistiors in the niche you want to target.

Price: starts at 1 Token for 200 targeted Visitors to your Website – Sign up for free to find out all the options of Banneradvertising.

Videomarketing and Advertising in the best and most viewed Videos

Millions of Videos get streamed every second worldwide and some of them go viral very fast. Videoadvertising is a way to reach a lot of people very fast and it´s also a very effective way to spread your message to your target audience.

Price: starts at 1 Token for 500 Videoads.

Newsletter Advertising

Newsletters are still a very effective way to inform customers about new products or seasonal offers. We place your Banner or Textad in targeted Newsletters where you will reach your target audience. We offer you clicks, Banner- and AdViews from Netwsletters that our network of websites and companies are sending out on a regular basis.

Price: starts at 1 Token for 200 Klicks Sign up for free to find out more about our actual offers for Newsletter advertising.

Stand Allone Newsletter

In our Network we have access to more than 580 Million readers of Newsletters in multiple languages, countries and categories. The subscibers and readers of these Newsletters confirmed that they want to see offers we send them and they are waiting to see your attractive offer. This is 100% NO SPAM proof traffic for your Website.

Price: starts at 1 Token for 5000 E-Mails.
Sign up for free to find out more about our actual offers for Stand Alone Newsletters.

Advertise in the GetMyAds Network

In the GetMyAds website, we place Advertisings very carefully but you see them in many places in the Members area and in our Newsletters. This option is only open for our customers in the premium partner programm.

Price: starts at 100 Token – depending on duration and placement.

Seasonal Advertising, temporary offers exclusivly for GetMyAds Customers

Holidays, Seasons, sports events or other events can lead to unique advertising chances for fast and creative advertisers who understand how to take advantage of the situation. Whenever we get an offer, we inform our customers in the premium partner program about these opportunities.

Price: starts at 100 Token.
Available to Premium Partners only.